Basic Deviled Eggs

So I made these the other day and forgot to take pictures of each step. This is a great dish to add on to any holiday meal or celebration. They are quick and pretty easy to make.


Carton of eggs (a dozen)

Sweet relish


Sandwich Spread



Mustard (yellow or Dijon)

Seasoning salt

Garlic powder


You will also need….

A pot to boil the eggs, a knife, and a spoon, a zip lock bag, a large plate or pan and a mixing bowl.


First, you will place a pot with water on the stove and bring it to a boil. Once it begins to boil place your eggs into the pot. Let the eggs boil for about 20-30 minutes. Anything over that will cause you to overcook them. Crack one egg from the pot and peel off the shell to ensure it is ready. Once it is ready crack and peel the rest of the eggs and discard the shell. Be careful not to peel off the actual egg.

Once you have removed the shell from all the eggs, use your knife to cut the eggs in half length wise. Remove the yoke from the center of each egg, without cutting into the eggs. Place the yoke inside of the mixing bowl and mash it together. Place your eggs in a aluminum pan or egg plate.

Mixing Bowl

Next you want to mix the ingredients in the bowl with the yoke. I typically don’t use measurements, but I will give you an estimate of how much to use.

3 tbspoons of mayonnaise

2 tbspoons of sandwich spread

2 tbspoons of sweet relish

2 tbspoons of mustard

1 teaspoon of garlic powder

1 teaspoon of seasoning salt

1 teaspoon of pepper

Mix all of these ingredients together in the bowl. Be sure to taste the mix and add more ingredients as needed. I typically add a bit more seasoning but not too much.

After your ingredients are completely mixed, pour the mix into a zip lock bag and seal it. Mash the ingredients together a little more, and cut the corner of the zip lock bag in a diagonal angle. Be sure you’re not cutting a big hole in the side of the bag. It should be somewhat small. If you don’t have a zip lock bag you can always use the spoon to scoop the mix into the eggs.

Now you want to use the end of the zip lock bag the is cut, to squirt the mix into the eggs. Try not to use to much, since you have to have enough for all the eggs. Once all eggs have been filled, add your garnishes. Lightly sprinkle the paprika and parsley onto each egg. Now you’re done. You can cover them and set the in the fridge for a little while and enjoy later ☺️

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